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Contact list for Diabetes Centres (Aust & NZ)CContact list for Diabetes Centres (Aust & NZ)Contact list for Diabetes Centres (Aust & NZ)Contact list for Diabetes Centres (Aust & NZ)Contact list for Diabetes Centres (Aust & NZ)While we aim to keep all lists of links of high quality, the inclusion of a link does not imply that APEG endorses or otherwise approves that site or the information contained therein. Members must make their own judgment about any information that they obtain from any linked site

Key Organisations:



Technology to Manage Diabetes:

APEG only supports the use of TGA approved devices or devices that are being used as part of an approved ethical research study.

DKA Protocols

It is advised to use the DKA protocol for your local tertiary referral centre.


All protocols have been based, in a large part, on the following guidelines and consensus statements.

Sick Day Management and Prevention of Severe DKA:

If unwell, please refer to information provided by your local care team and if needed contact them for advice with regards to management during illness and particularly if ketones are present.
Helpful overview of sick day management can also be found in the  ISPAD 2018 Clinical Practice Consensus Guidelines (Chapter 13) 2018

Mental Health, Emotional and Peer Support

Nutrition and Healthy Eating



Complications:  Screening and Dental Care

Living with Diabetes


Diabetes in School


  • Australia
  • New Zealand
    • Gene tests for MODY are available from NZSSD (Mody Calculator)


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