13 September 2021


  • Vaccine eligibility is rapidly changing and will depend on where people live, but Type 1 Diabetes is considered a longterm condition for which vaccination is recommended and meets eligibility criteria for a prioritised vaccination compared with the general population. Vaccination is being facilitated by the Federal and State Governments through GPs and dedicated Vaccination Hubs. Please look at on line resources to determine eligibility and where vaccination can be done.
  • Information for families of children with type 1 diabetes regarding Coronavirus (APEG)
  • Keeping your child with diabetes well during the Coronavirus pandemic
    • To keep your child well during the Coronavirus pandemic, it is very important that you keep up with all your child’s diabetes management routines.If your child is unwell, a member of your Diabetes Team is available to help you manage the illness at home where possible.
    • However, if your child is very unwell, it is important that you still present to the Hospital Emergency Department as soon as possible.
  • A message to the Diabetes Community (Diabetes Alliance)
    • Please CLICK HERE to listen to Jerry Wales (Diabetes Subcommittee chair, May 2020) ABC radio interview re DKA concerns
      We are keen to ensure people who have symptoms that may suggest type 1 diabetes present early to their GP or hospital to avoid severe illness.  Please see video below (QCH)


Individual Hospital Updates:





  • COVIDIAB:  a registry specifically designed to establish the extent and characteristics of new-onset, COVID-19-related diabetes
  • RACP COVID-19 resource page
  • ESPE COVID-19 Information page
  • The World Continuing Education Alliance (with World Medical Association) – COVID19 training resources
    We have been contacted by the WCEA who are official collaboration partners of the World Medical Association.
    Access to Covid 19 multidisciplinary courses are now available to you by downloading the WCEA learning app to your phone.
    The initial content is being provided by the NHS and Health Education England with additional resources to be added from other education providers on an ongoing basis.
    To get access:

    • Sandoz are pleased to be able to share footage from a recent webcast for those colleagues that were unable to attend.  The webcast featured Massimo Galli, Professor of Infectious Diseases and Tropical Medicine at University of Milan, Italy and Director at “Luigi Sacco” Hospital. Professor Galli is a leading expert on infectious diseases and deeply involved in the management of the COVID-19 situation in Italy. During the webcast, Professor Galli shared his experience of treating patients in Milan
    • Learnings from Italian public health measures and implications for clinical practice   (This is a 30 minute recording, 25 March 2020).
    • If you don’t have time for the whole video, key highlights have been extracted can be found on the Sandoz website HERE