Training Sub-Committee & SAC Representatives

Training & SAC Paediatric Endocrinology

Committee Members:

  • Dr Elizabeth Davis (WA)(Member RACP Specialist Advisory Committee in Endocrinology)
  • Prof George Werther (VIC) (Member RACP Specialist Advisory Committee in Endocrinology)
  • Dr Rachana Dahiya (QLD)
  • Dr Charles Verge (NSW)
  • Dr Kristen Neville (NSW)
  • Dr Elaine Tham (Full member not just Fellow School Rep)
  • Dr Fran Mouat (New Zealand)
  • Dr Sarah McMahon (QLD) (Fellows School Rep)
  • Dr Lisa Amato (NSW) (Trainee Representative)
  • Dr Maria Cecilia Garcia Rudaz (ACT)


Information about the Committee
The aims and objectives of the committee include:

  1. Formulation and Liaison with RACP regarding the requirements for training, assessment and accreditation – SAC representatives
  2. Development of curriculum
  3. Development of teaching tools
  4. Supervision of the Fellows school
  5. Working with APEG council to make representation regarding workforce requirements to the various national and state health department / hospitals to obtain substantive funding for training Paediatric Endocrinologists.
  6. Liaising with all Paediatric endocrine centres regarding development of training guidelines and protocols
  7. Accreditation of additional Paediatric Endocrine Centres for Advance training
  8. Training of Oversees graduates and
  9. Guidelines for Accreditation of Overseas trained Paediatric Endocrinologists


First meeting was convened on April 18, 2007 for feedback to SAC Endocrinology (May 18); subsequent meetings planned every 2-3 months


How to join / Contact the Committee
If you are interested in being part of this committee you should be either in training, or be a supervisor of someone in training. Please contact the APEG Secretariat with your Expression of Interest.


Documents / Reports from the Committee
The committee reports to APEG Council and RACP Endocrinology.