Industry Research Grants



  • These grants are used to support research in Australia and New Zealand at an early to mid-career level.
  • To support new projects and pilot studies in paediatric endocrinology


  • The NovoNordisk grant, the Sanofi grant and the APEG grant is for research into into any aspect of paediatric endocrinology or diabetes.
  • The Sandoz Grant is restricted to the field of paediatric growth disorders.


For research into into any aspect of paediatric
endocrinology or diabetes
Restricted to the field of paediatric growth
For research into into any aspect of paediatric
endocrinology or diabetes
For research into into any aspect of paediatric
endocrinology or diabetes


  • Applications are invited from APEG members who are Australian or New Zealand citizens or permanent residents.
  • The chief investigator must be a financial APEG member and within 10 years of receiving FRACP and or PhD or equivalent (this requirement applies only to medical and PhD applicants). Preference will be given to early career investigators when 2 grants are ranked equally.
  • Recipients of a previous APEG grant are ineligible for the grant for the 2 subsequent years.
  • Recipients of a previous APEG grant who have not fulfilled conditions of the grant are ineligible to re-apply for an APEG grant.
  • There is no restriction to the number of applications per primary investigator, but only one grant will be awarded per investigator.


Applications are restricted to three A4 pages (plus references and 2 page CV). Applications longer than three A4 pages will not be reviewed.
Applications should provide the following information:

  • Project title Name, qualifications and contact details of the applicant
  • Name, qualifications and addresses of co-investigators
  • Previous APEG grants within last 10 years, including title of grant, year of funding, title of abstract presented at APEG and publication(s) related to it.
  • Specific aims
  • Research plan
  • Significance of the study
  • Details of other financial support (including other applications pending for similar projects, even under another chief investigator)
  • Is this or a similar project applying for an APEC Pfizer grant this year (all applications need to have a statement in relation to this)
  • If the study is multicentre, or involves a registry or research network (eg: ADDN), a letter of consent or endorsement from other centres or registry or network involved is required
  • Budget

Conditions of the grant:

  1. Notification of other successful grants related to the submission within the year the grant was awarded (with budget and the other grant(s) supplied).
  2. Submission of ethics approval within 6 months of receiving the award (funding will be released after receipt of ethics approval).
  3. Annual report submitted to APEG secretariat prior to AGM, until results are published
  4. Research findings derived from APEG Industry Research Grants need to be submitted as an abstract for presentation at the APEG ASM within 2 years of receiving the funding
  5. APEG acknowledgement on publication(s) related to grant
  6. Provide APEG with links to any publication(s), such that they can be linked on the APEG website
  7. While sometimes a negative study result, or other issues, may lead to failure of progress on a study, where there is failure to produce an annual report, or no valid explanation for failure to meet predicted milestones on a project, APEG reserves the right to recall awarded monies.
  8. Grant cannot be used for salary of the principal investigator

Deadline: Monday 30 April, midnight AEST

Applications received after deadline will not be considered for the grants

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