Emerging Investigators


This award is presented at the APEG Annual Scientific Meeting to the best scientific presentation by an APEG member who is:

  • A current trainee in paediatric endocrinology in Australia or NZ, or
  • No longer than 5 years (*career breaks considered) beyond completing paediatric endocrinology training (as determined by the RACP Endocrinology SAC or equivalent) or a higher research degree (whichever came later) or
  • A qualified diabetes / endocrine nurse, allied health professional or scientist currently engaged in paediatric endocrinology and no longer than 5 years (*career breaks considered) beyond completion of a higher research degree

How the Award is judged

The award is made on the advice of a judging committee, which consists of at least 3 people appointed by APEG Council. Candidates are assessed according to their project’s scientific merit and originality, the contribution of the EI to the study, the clarity of their presentation and their response to questions from the audience.

To allow a clear and open assessment of the EIs contribution to the study, at the time of submission of abstracts, applicants wishing to be considered for the EI Award must outline in detail their contribution to:

  • The study design (including literature review)
  • The ethics submission
  • The data collection, with detail provided on which components of the study the EI has contributed to. E.g. subject recruitment, lab animal care, intervention development/validation/delivery, percentage of data entry and cleaning undertaken, creation of a new database, or new fields in an existing database.
  • The statistical analysis
  • The interpretation of findings
  • Abstract tables and images: When an image or graph of another’s work is included, this should be acknowledged in the abstract submission and presentation.

The submission form (word document) is available HERE . This form should be countersigned by the applicant’s study supervisor and/ or Head of Department and submitted at the time of the close of abstract submission.

Weighting will be given to candidates where the presented work is part of their higher degree (including Masters, PhD, other).

APEG Council reserves the right to make the final decision re the suitability of any applicant for this award.

* justification of consideration of career breaks is requested at the time of submission of the abstract, to allow reviewers to determine whether an application is eligible for this category of presentation.


For a list of past Emerging Investigators winners, please see ‘Past Award Winners’ tab in this section of the website