Medal Nominations Close

Date: 12 July 2022

Members are invited to submit a nomination for a fellow member for the Inaugural APEG Medal for Excellence in Nursing, Allied Health or Laboratory Science. The eligibility and criteria are outlined below.  This medal was originally going to be presented in 2021, but due to Covid cancellations, it was decided to hold it over until we met in person again.


The APEG Medal for excellence in Nursing, Allied Health or Laboratory Science is a new medal that was added in 2021 to recognise these members of APEG.

This medal now forms one of 3 APEG medals that are conferred, on a rotating 3 year basis, at a presentation ceremony at the APEG ASM.

Eligibility and criteria

  1. Nurses/Allied Health staff or Laboratory Scientists trained and qualified in Paediatric Diabetes and Endocrinology will be eligible for the Nursing, Allied Health or Laboratory Science APEG Medal.
  2. Any APEG financial member for longer than 10 years at the time of AGM and not a life member (check with APEG secretariat before nomination).
  3. Have been an active APEG member i.e. involved in APEG committees/council
  4. Nominated by 2 financial APEG members. Nomination must include a letter of endorsement, outlining the suitability of the nominee for the medal should accompany each nomination and a recent nominee CV.
  5. Self-nominations are not accepted
  6. Recipient of the award may be invited to present at the next APEG ASM meeting
  7. No one serving on APEG council can be nominated
  8. No one who has previously received the award can be nominated

Criteria related to specific medal

  1. Outstanding nursing or allied health clinician/ researcher in paediatric diabetes and/or endocrinology as a Clinician/Researcher or Teacher/ Mentor and/or Leader
  2. Significant advocacy for children and adolescents with paediatric diabetes or endocrine disorders
  3. High order involvement in policy, teaching or training in their area of paediatric diabetes and/or endocrinology

Please submit your nomination via email to APEG Secretariat: